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Pricing For Creatives – Knowing And Charging Your Worth

Pricing for creatives and knowing your worth illustration by Kerri Awosile UK

Urgh, ‘pricing’ – a word that sends a shudder down many creatives’ spines. It’s hard enough making sure you’re covering all your costs, let alone knowing and charging your worth! Now, before we get into this topic, I just want to say, I’m not about to share THE answers. I don’t have any magical formula and I’m in no way a ‘pricing for creatives’ or marketing specialist. It is, however, a topic at the forefront of my mind right now, and I think talking about it amongst friends and like-minded creative women can only be a good thing in helping us feel more comfortable with charging our worth.

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Five Most Inspiring Women Of 2019

Kerri Awosile, UK creative artist, writer and designer, at desk with paintbrush and eucalyptus in foreground


Wow! That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the past twelve months. Wow, wow, wow. It has been such a wonderful year, and far beyond my expectations. I started 2019 still running my first business, making wedding cakes, but already knew at heart – something needed to change. Take a read of my posts ‘A career of Joy & Fulfilment’ and ‘Is my business fulfilling me?’, if you want to know more. I’m really touched and overjoyed by the creative projects I’ve helped clients create, and so excited to have launched my first range of Christmas cards and Art Prints. I could talk for hours about all my amazing clients, and the projects I’ve worked on, but instead I thought I’d do something a little different for a ‘Best of 2019’ post, by sharing my Five Most Inspiring Women of 2019.

Some I have worked with directly; others have simply inspired me from afar. Come 2020, I hope to have made a couple of tweaks to my brand, to even better align with where I want to take my business – and inspiring creativity is definitely going to be at the heart. So, without further ado, here is my list of the five most inspiring women I’ve come across this year…

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Why I’m Shopping Small This Christmas & The Gift Of Personalised Art Prints

Watercolour socks family personalised art print by Kerri Awosile with socks

If you follow me on social media, then you’ll know this year I’ve set myself the challenge of trying to shop small for Christmas. I know, it’s a term bandied around a lot and, as an independent creative with a range to sell, you could say I am a bit biased. It’s not some off-the-cuff decision, though. I’ve always liked the idea of shopping small at Christmas, but then (for one reason or another) taken the route of mainstream stores. This year, you are right…I AM biased. I have a range of products myself and it’s let me see the other side of Christmas sales. If you also like the idea of shopping small this Christmas, then keep reading for my reasons why I’ve decided to give it a try, and why one of my personalised art prints could be just the gift you’re looking for.

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Feel Good Christmas Cards

Feel good Christmas Cards that can be personalised, by UK artist and designer Kerri Awosile


What do you want from a Christmas card? You want it to look good, with a gorgeous design and lovely quality cardstock. You also want it to help spread some Christmas joy. One of my brand values is to create products, and provide services, that feel good. Of course, designs need to be stylish and aspirational…but most importantly they need to inspire, feel light, and be creative. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to properly introduce you to my range of feel good Christmas cards and the story behind each design.

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New Kerri Awosile Product Range – Behind The Scenes

Painting socks from the new Kerri Awosile product range


Creating my own product range was one of the first ideas that sparked inspiration for my brand. I knew the thought: ‘if I can live a more creative, light and fulfilled life, then why can’t you?’ was true, but I also realised I wasn’t going to be able to help everyone with my services alone. Providing inspiring products as well as my creative art, writing, and design services was going to be the best way to help spread more light and joy. With my services successfully launched earlier in the year, and with Christmas fast approaching – in September I started focusing on the new Kerri Awosile product range. Here’s a little behind the scenes look at its creation…

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A Career Of Joy And Fulfilment

Kerri Awosile Creative Services and Products for the Inspired and Inspiring

Turning my back on over three years of work was the best choice I ever made!

Do you have a career of joy and fulfilment? Does your work make you feel good, whether that’s your own business or a nine-to-five?

It can be so easy to stay in a place that’s not actually doing us many favours, because it’s what we’re used to, and what we’ve invested time and effort (sometimes money) towards. Deep down we know our role isn’t making us happy, but we stick with it. Things might improve in a few months’ time – we tell ourselves. Maybe if more money comes in (or I ask for a pay rise) – things will suddenly feel better. Perhaps if I rebrand/take a promotion/complete a course/invest more money, that sinking feeling will go away. The job we know brings a sense of security – sometimes financial, sometimes emotional, sometimes both. Yet, how secure is it really if it leaves us drained and shadowed by that ‘grey cloud’?

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What Is An Illustrated Story Print?

Illustrated story prints in a tryptic by Kerri Awosile in UK


Have you ever wanted to give the gift of an original story with bespoke illustrations, only to then discover that a one-off book is quite an investment? Do you want to give something special but think an entire book would be a bit over the top, or do you like the idea of giving something that can be framed on the wall and enjoyed by everyone? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then an illustrated story print could be just what you’ve been looking for.

When a client contacted me a couple of months ago, wanting a unique and special gift for their niece’s Christening, they came to me with the wonderful idea of a bespoke illustrated story book. With quite a few businesses offering ‘customisable’ books for a low price (where they change the name of the character and maybe tweak things like hair colour in the illustrations), it didn’t surprise me that my client unintentionally underestimated the worth of an entirely bespoke story and illustrations.

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My Story As a Designer

Kerri Awosile creative wedding stationery and branding Designer UK


Sure – I still want designs to be pleasing to the eye but, more importantly, I also want them to make people feel good.


If you have read my previous two posts in this mini series about my story then you will already know I enjoy many creative pursuits. From painting watercolour artwork and illustrations to writing short stories and blog posts. There is, however, another area I also hold a passion for, and that is: design. Here is my story as a designer.

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My Story As a Creative Writer

Kerri Awosile Creative Writer Short Story Storyteller Blogger


I had broken the spell. I was free. I was a creative writer!


I have many joys and passions in life. I’ve never been one for focusing on one hobby or creative path and have always found it more enjoyable to vary the projects and activities I do day-to-day. You can read about my story of finding confidence as a watercolour artist and illustrator in my previous post, but today I’m going to share my story as a creative writer.

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My Story As a Watercolour Artist and Illustrator

Kerri Awosile Watercolour Artist and Illustrator UK


How did I go from being so adamantly anti the ‘artist’ label to wholeheartedly embracing and proudly declaring myself a watercolour artist and illustrator (amongst other things)?


If you have been following me for a little while then you will know that I am, what some people would now term, ‘multi-passionate’. I’m yet to decide if I like that label or not! Throughout my life I have been creative and artistic – from hand-making cards to writing stories – and I decided as a child I would turn those talents and joys into a career. It’s only relatively recently, however, that I discovered a love for watercolour painting – so I thought it might be nice to share my story as a watercolour artist and illustrator.

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