Whether you have been in business for years or you’re dreaming of starting something creative, there can be moments in life when you simply don’t have the time, resources, inspiration, or ability to be who you want to be, live how you want to live, or run the business you want to run.

I (Kerri Awosile) know, because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve always been creative. As a child, colouring and making ‘things’ was my favourite activity (aside from playing outside with friends). By the time I was a teenager I would rather dream up house designs, write stories, and paint than worry about the latest band to follow or party to attend. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I proudly declared ‘an entrepreneur’ (we shall forget about the short ‘missionary’ phase where I was determined to wipe out homelessness). The idea of limiting myself to just one career or ambition felt so dull, and the thought of someone else telling me what I could or couldn’t create was a nightmare. So ‘entrepreneur’ it was.

Kerri Awosile artist, illustrator, writer and designer in the UK for women who want a more creative, light and fulfilled life

If I can have a more creative, light, and fulfilled life – then why can't you?

I dabbled with many possibilities from hand made greeting cards to wedding floristry. Though I loved aspects of each opportunity – none quite hit the spot. Fast forward many years and in 2016 I launched my first business, making wedding and celebration cakes. It was great to finally have a means to share my creativity with others, and my confidence and knowledge grew immensely.

Two and half years later I got married – becoming Kerri Awosile, and something shifted in my mindset. Suddenly, in fulfilling a dream of many years to marry my boyfriend (now husband), I realised there was still so much I wanted to achieve in business…and, most importantly, I believed I could.

I really focused in on what gives me joy and started thinking of ways I could help bring the same to others. After all, if I can have a more creative, light, and fulfilled life – then why can’t you? That’s when the idea for for my business was inspired.

Aside from providing my creative services and products – I love:

– Spending time with my husband, going for walks and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie

– Meeting up with good friends – especially when brunch, pizza, or mocktails are involved

– Being creative in the kitchen

– Fresh flowers – I dream of having them every day and in every room of my home

– Playing with my little niece