art, design, and inspiration for a more creative and fulfilling life or business… or both!

Abstract Blue Watercolour artwork by UK artist Kerri Awosile

Finding the resources, time, or ability to live the creative lifestyle you long for, or run the small business you dream of, can be tricky.

You want inspiration to bring creativity and joy into your life and/or business, products that uplift you and make you smile, and creative services that feel good and support your aspirations. That’s why I offer you all three.

Life can be about more than the boring humdrum, and small business can be about more than endless admin. I’d love to help bring a bit more creativity, light, and fulfilment your way.

Based in Surrey, I offer products, services, and more, for the inspired and inspiring in the UK. I create watercolour and line artwork (from ‘off-the-shelf’ greeting cards to bespoke wall-art for your home), and design clean and creative branding and materials for other small UK businesses. I also share lots of insight and resources because, for me, it’s about so much more than ‘just’ products and services… it’s about inspiring creativity in you.

Testimonial for Kerri Awosile by Anna W.: “Kerri was SO helpful, kind, honest and above all she listened to exactly what I wanted and totally understood me!... She does what she loves and that shows in her work!”
Seeded eucalyptus line art sketch by UK artist and graphic and branding designer Kerri Awosile
3 Steps To The Life You Love cover artwork by Kerri Awosile
line art by Kerri Awosile