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Simple And Stylish Plant Pots, For Spring Inspired Creativity

creative project for spring creativity with painted plant pots by Kerri Awosile

Just a simple creative lifestyle blog post from me today, for two reasons. One, it’s not a how-to – it’s a ‘show and tell’ (do you remember those in primary school?), in the hope it inspires you to be creative yourself. Two, I’m purposefully taking it easy this week and not doing too much work. I’ve had some amazing projects lately, but that’s meant some long hours and extended working weeks – and I know I need to take some time out. When you love your work, it can be all too easy to forget to take much needed breaks. I’m listening to my body/mind and consciously balancing work with relaxation this week, and what better way to action that idea than some spring creativity, just for fun.

Creativity outside of work

I’ve said this many times before (see my post Making Time For Creativity Will Improve Your Creative Business) but, being creative outside of work is so important if you’re a creative person. Creativity (or, more to the point, ‘good’ creativity) can’t be forced. It has to be nurtured, encouraged, explored, and practiced. It needs time for inspiration and space to evolve. With deadlines and client expectations on the cards, creativity in work can come under a lot of pressure. Therefore, allowing yourself time to be creative outside of work, and just for the sake of joy, gives you an escape. It lets you experiment and free your mind. It lets you bring ideas to life; lets you ‘be’ creative.

There’s also an added bonus… when you make time for creating just for joy, it bubbles up and over, into your creative work. Meaning you become even better at whatever it is you create for a living.

I’m very grateful to have a great studio/office space to work from. It does, however, need some work to make it more ‘me’ and inspiring. I have some ideas and a plan in mind to completely redesign the space, but it’s not a project for any time soon. In the meantime, however, I wanted to do a little something to bring some life into the room.

plant pots for creative project by Kerri Awosile UK

Spring creativity

With a dip in energy during winter, I’m in much need of more sunlit days and fresh pops of colour. There are elements of each season that I love, but spring is definitely the one that lights me up most. I decided some spring creativity and fresh flowers in my studio would be the perfect solution. I could, of course, have just bought some ready-made pretty pots… but in my conscious effort to be creative outside of work, I set about painting my own.

One day I would love to have a go at pottery and actually make something from scratch, but that day is not this week! Instead, I took a trip into town, looked round some charity shops, and came away with two basic plant pots. One was terracotta, the other (as luck would have it) was in an orange very close to one of my brand colours. A quick internet search revealed chalk paint as the best choice for the glossy/ceramic surface of the orange pot, and it would give good coverage on the terracotta one too.

simple and stylish DIY painted plant pots by Kerri Awosile UK

Simple and stylish

I decided on a really simple but stylish design. Handmade items are lovely, but I’m not keen on anything overly DIY or ‘homemade’ in style, if that makes sense? I love things having quirks and artisan details but, if it’s going to go on display, it has to look good. I guess that’s why I’m an artist and designer!

Washi tape, a paintbrush, a little red acrylic paint (for the pink base on the terracotta pot), and time between coats, was all I needed to transform the simple pots into something a little special. Oh, and a scalpel/sharp knife to scrape a couple of wayward blobs that seeped over the washi tape masking.

rain on greenhouse glass with plants inside by Kerri Awosile

I borrowed my mum’s sweet little greenhouse (in the pouring rain) and popped in some grape hyacinth and tulips. They’re now proudly sat next to me in my studio, bringing a touch of spring creativity inside. I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom – I’ll share a pic on social media when they do!

simple and stylish hand painted spring plant pots in greenhouse by Kerri Awosile

simple and stylish pink, white, and orange stripe block diagonal line, hand painting plant pots creative DIY project by Kerri Awosile