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If you could commission a piece of art, writing, or design just for you or your brand – which of my creative services would you choose?

I work with women in the UK who feel frustrated they don’t have the time, resources, inspiration, or ability to be who they want to be, live how they want to live, or run the business they want to run.

Want to be inspired or inspiring...maybe even both?


Perhaps you’re craving a bit more light and creativity in your life and you’re looking for a unique piece of art to bring some joy to your home but you can’t find anything that ‘feels’ right, or maybe you need an on-brand illustration to really grab the attention of your audience but don’t have the resources to create it yourself.

Whether you are an individual or a business, I offer a range of art services to help you. Some of the projects I love working on are:

– Watercolour paintings
– Brand artwork
– Venue illustrations
– Art Prints
– Story/Book illustrations
– Wedding Artwork

I’m always excited by new projects so if you have an idea for something I’ve not mentioned, please get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

My art services start from: £25

“I can’t begin to start with this women…she’s incredible! It started with an idea of a gift for my niece, I wanted something special and unique…. but after a chat together three prints evolved into something truly special.”

Sara M.


Do you need help inspiring your potential clients with regular blog posts, or perhaps a fictional story brief for a styled shoot? Maybe your best friend’s little girl is turning one and you want an illustrated short story for a special gift, or you would love a unique way to capture your wedding day memories in the form of a wedding story.

I offer a variety of creative writing services, for individuals and brands. Projects I love include:

– Blogging
– Short Stories (especially with bespoke illustrations)
– Styled shoot inspiration stories/briefs
– Articles
– Wedding day stories

I don’t like setting limitations so if you have an idea I’ve not mentioned – I would love to hear from you.

My writing services start from: £50

“Kerri wrote a blog post for me… Working with her was very easy and she is so quick! The entire process was so relaxed and I cannot wait to share the blog post! Thank you so much Kerri”

Anna – Anna Fern Weddings


Maybe you’re looking for inspiring and creative branding for your new business (or rebrand), or you’ve got visions of a gorgeous and on-brand client proposal template that will save you time and make the right impression. Perhaps you want to incorporate bespoke artwork into your wedding stationery suite but can’t find an artist and designer able to fulfil your ideas.

My design services, for brands and individuals, are creative and inspiring – just what you’ve been looking for. I love working on a range of projects such as:

– Branding
– Wedding stationery (especially with bespoke artwork)
– Proposals and brochures
– Party invitations
– Workbooks
– Brand graphics

Have an idea I’ve not covered? Please get in touch to see how I might be able to help – I love new projects.

My design services start from: £50

“Kerri designed a proposal document for me to send to my potential clients… I was expecting something fairly simple, but what I got blew me away… Thank you Kerri, you absolutely nailed it.”

Jen – Jackdaw Editorial

I understand it can feel a bit daunting to enquire with someone when you’re not sure what investment to expect but, as most of the projects I create and services I offer are bespoke, I don’t have many set prices and instead give you a quote based on the creative help you need. To have a chat about your project ideas and get a better idea of what to expect, just get in touch. I promise – I really am friendly and you can ask me anything (you can read more about me on my About page). 

So, what next?

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Step one – is always to get in touch and tell me about your idea or project. We can then talk everything through and work out how I can help you.

Step two – once we’ve agreed all the details and got a contract in place, I then get to work on your project (though it feels a bit cheeky to use the word ‘work’ when I will most likely be in my creative element and brimming with joy!).

Step three – I’ll send you a proof version of your project to check over, and once you are happy I’ll ask you to ‘Sign-off’ (which feels a bit like you’re giving me a gold star sticker!).

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Step four – if your project includes professionally printed items I’ll get them sorted and delivered to you, or if your project is for a digital file then I’ll send it across.

Step five – …well there isn’t really a step five, I just thought five steps sounded better than four! Let’s say – step five is to: enjoy the inspiration, creativity and light I hope your project brings.