title for house and venue illustrations UK

There is something quite magical about hand-painted watercolour house and venue illustrations, especially when they’ve been created just for you, by an artist here in the UK. They take a lot of love and patience to create, so I only offer a limited number per year… but oh they are worth it.

A watercolour wedding venue illustration for your stylish stationery. A hand-painted house illustration to celebrate moving into your gorgeous new home. These are just two ideas. There are so many joyous events in life worthy of bespoke house or venue illustrations.

Commissioning house and venue illustrations, by a UK artist (me!), is easy… just get in touch. Side note: these are one of my favourite subjects to paint, so I’ll probably do a little happy dance when you contact me!

Original illustration from £180 + delivery

Digitised illustration (where the hand-painted illustration gets turned into a digital version ready for you to use or print as you like) from £180

Bespoke illustration print from £140 + delivery

Eucalyptus line art
example of watercolour wedding venue house illustrations by UK artist, Kerri Awosile
line art by Kerri Awosile