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How Bespoke Brand Graphics & Illustrations Can Help Your Business

green watercolour splatter and white leaf icon graphic, for brand social media visual branding by Kerri Awosile art, writing, design in the UK

Whether you are just starting out in business and need content for your website and social media, or you’ve been going strong for a few years and need some elements that fit where your brand is heading – bespoke brand graphics and illustrations can help your business. Here’s how…


As a creative, you want your website to inspire your ideal client. Not only does it need to get across the facts and emotional pull of your services or products, through incredible copy, it also needs to convey your message visually.

white telephone graphic design illustration on pink background by Kerri Awosile art, writing, design in the UK

Brand photography is a big factor in this, as emotive and captivating photos can quickly engage an audience, but bespoke brand graphics or illustrations can also help get across your business message. Using accent imagery on your website can highlight important information, guide your ideal client through your site, and add character and personality to your branding design.

If you have already worked with a visual branding designer, then you will most likely have some sub-marks or sub-logos. These, however, aren’t quite the same as brand graphics or illustrations. Sub-marks can add variety to your main logo and give you different options to put your ‘stamp’ on things, but bespoke brand graphics and illustrations can be used in a multitude of more decorative, or even informative, ways.

bespoke brand illustration for children's character giraffe, for products, prints, and story books by Kerri Awosile freelance artist, illustrator, writer, designer in the UK

Social Media

We’ve all heard numerous statistics and theories on how often we should post on our social media business accounts. I’m not a social media expert, in the slightest, so I’m not about to start throwing figures or strategies around. I do know, however, that bespoke brand graphics and/or illustrations can be a great way to give you valuable content.

If you’re just starting out, then bespoke brand graphics and illustrations give your social media presence a coherent look and feel – without having to rely on stock imagery. Whereas if you’re already well established, bespoke brand graphics or illustrations can really add to your message – perhaps introducing a new service or adding personality and clarity to your current offering.

Autumn leaf, twig and berry line art graphic design element for branding or social media in grey by Kerri Awosile artist, writer, design in the UK

For creative and inspiring brands, Instagram is probably your top social media platform. Story highlights are a great way to give your audience ‘more’. From service information to behind the scenes, real projects to inspiration…if you’re not utilising story highlights then you’re missing an opportunity. What does every story highlight need? A highlight cover. Bespoke brand graphics or illustrations are a great way to keep your visual brand identity consistent on your story highlights, and quickly grab your ideal client’s attention.

Other Touchpoints

A touchpoint, in simple terms, is any interaction you have with a client (or potential client). They can be digital – such as your website, social media, a proposal, a pdf download, your email newsletter; direct – such as presentations, meetings, phone calls, face-to-face sales; or tangible – such as a physical product, your packaging, your printed brochure, a welcome pack, gifts.

Obviously bespoke brand graphics and illustrations can’t really be used for phone calls, but they can help your business with most other touchpoints.

Keeping your brand message and visual imagery coherent across all touchpoints is really important. In fact, it’s key to building a strong brand. If you have a lot of touchpoints within your business, then simply using your logo element (or even sub-marks) across everything can feel limiting and… well… a bit dull. Adding bespoke brand graphics and illustrations to the mix brings personality, interest, and life to your client experience.

dark grey and white bramble leaves, berries, flowers graphic design element, pattern, branding by Kerri Awosile artist, writer, designer in the UK

Bespoke brand graphics or illustrations should be just that…bespoke. There can be elements that crossover to other brands (certain icons or imagery will suit more than one business) but creating designs that tie in with the rest of your visual branding is the key to enhancing your message rather than diluting it. That’s why, when I create bespoke brand graphics and illustrations for an inspiring business, I make sure I understand who they are trying to attract, what it is they are trying to convey, why they need the elements, where they will be used, and what it is that defines their branding.

If you would like some inspiring and bespoke brand graphics or illustrations, to help your creative business, then I’d love to hear from you.