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Having Fun Writing A Single Vowel Poem

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It has been a couple of months since I last wrote a creative lifestyle post, and this one is quite different to any I’ve written before. I’ve been wanting to share a creative writing project for ages but couldn’t think of the right way in. Then, this morning, I saw another single vowel poem pop up on Instagram (having seen my first only a few weeks ago) and immediately got the urge to try writing my own. Thankfully, I’d already scheduled time to write a blog post this afternoon (I’ll write that idea another day), so I was able to have some guilt-free creative fun.

I didn’t ‘get’ it

I must admit… up until fairly recently, I didn’t ‘get’ poetry. To me, unless it rhymed, it didn’t make sense. That was, until my very good friend and incredible poet, Jen Feroze, so generously let me into her magical world. I’ve known Jen for a few years now and always knew she loved poetry (her wedding gift to my husband and I was even a book of poems, which I’ve grown a newfound respect for in recent months). I didn’t, however, realise just how much poems light her up until the start of lockdown.


Throughout lockdown, Jen has been writing poems for other people (myself included) based on three things that make them happy. Seeing her come alive and get so much joy from writing, and the challenge she had set herself, was so lovely.

Fast forward a few months and Jen had written enough poems to think about creating a book. So, she followed her heart and arranged for her collection ‘The Colour Of Hope’ to be published later this year. I can’t tell you how proud and happy I feel.

In preparation for her book launch, Jen set up an Instagram account ( and since June she has been sharing gorgeous snippets of what’s to come as well as inspiring pieces created just for the joy of writing. Through her shares and creative prompts, I’ve learnt so much about poetry and gained not only an admiration for those who write regularly but also a love for the different techniques and ways to create imagery.

One such prompt is to write a single vowel poem… so, that’s what I’ve done.

Writing a single vowel poem

It was tricky (in a fun challenge kind of way rather than a frustrating battle), and such a joy to write. I was going to start with the letter ‘e’ for my first ever attempt at writing a single vowel poem, and my first proper attempt at poetry outside of little rhymes, but then the first line popped into my head using only ‘o’ and I couldn’t stop myself.

Whether you are new or old to the world of poems, go take a look at Jen’s Instagram account for some wonderful inspiration; and why not try writing your own single vowel poem when the feeling takes you… it’s quite addictive once you start.

Oh my ‘o’


Oh my.

How now looks so lost of old songs.

No holds, or off pop to shops

to look for posh gowns, long socks, or…


no food of now’s mood,

or clowns to throw off frowns

of worry, of downs, of long lows,

of hot colds.


Lock fort.

For now, know no pot of gold.

Told: jobs down, low lolly,

no clock on for work.

Lock fort.

Do not crowd for sorrow.

Do not crowd for sons born.

Do not crowd to knot, boo to boo.

Sorry-storms blow.




Soon now grows old.

Roll on now of tomorrow.


Hold sword, hold torch,

go forth.

Worry not, tomorrow holds no ghost of own cry

or knocks from dooms blow.


Go forth, strong ox,

to tomorrow’s flow.


By Kerri Awosile