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DIY Watercolour Easter Egg Card

DIY Watercolour Easter Egg Card by UK artist Kerri Awosile


If you’re looking for a simple but effective Easter craft to give yourself some seasonal creative joy, or perhaps even an activity to entertain the kids on Good Friday, this DIY watercolour Easter egg card might be just what you’re looking for. It’s really easy, can be adapted to your favourite colours and pattern, and creates a lovely card you can give to a friend or family member this Easter.

What you will need

–  A piece of A5 watercolour paper

–  Watercolour paints (and water, of course!)

–  A medium-large paint brush (I used a size 8 round)

–  A small paint brush (I used a size 0 round)

–  A piece of A6 scrap/printer paper

–  A normal pencil

–  Scissors

–  Low-tac tape (I used some washi tape)

Step one

Draw an egg shape on your piece of A6 scrap paper. Alternatively, you can download the free PDF template* I created for you (to then print on A6 paper) by clicking here.

Then carefully cut out the egg – keeping the outside edge intact and creating an egg-shaped hole in the centre of your paper. The hole is now your template. You can discard the cut-out inner egg.

Tip: I folded my piece of paper in half lengthways (with the fold going down the centre of the egg shape), then cut through both sides of the paper at once to create a symmetrical shape.

Step two

Place your A5 watercolour paper landscape on your workspace. Align your egg template on the right-hand half of your watercolour paper. Use some low-tac tape to secure it in place around the outer edges.


Easter Egg template on card

Step three

Prepare your watercolour paints – adding enough water to get the right consistency of colour. You’ll need one or two fairly watered-down colours for the first layer, then slightly more concentrated colours for the second layer. Test your colours on some scrap paper if you need to check.

Tip: Keep in mind the first layer will show through your second layer slightly, so it’s best to use similar colours for both layers – just in different concentrations. I.e. a dilute yellow and orange for the first layer, followed by a more concentrated yellow and orange for the second layer; rather than a yellow and orange for the first layer, followed by a blue and purple for the second layer.

Step four

Using a dilute colour, paint your egg shape. Be careful with your paper template and try not to go underneath the edge if possible.

If you want to add a second colour for a blended look, whilst the first colour is still wet, paint your second dilute colour over the bottom third of your egg.

Let this first layer dry completely.


First layer of paint for DIY watercolour Easter egg card tutorial project by UK artist Kerri Awosile

Step five

Once your first layer is completely dry, you can paint the second layer. This is where you get to be really creative and use your imagination.

I chose to paint flowers in two colours and varying sizes. Alternatives could be spots, stripes, zig zags… any kind of pattern or design you like. If you’re creating your DIY watercolour easter egg card with a child, they might want to do something fun like footballs, smiley faces, or hearts.

Just be careful if you’re using more than one colour for your second layer. Think about which to paint first and allow each colour to dry before using the next if there is a chance they might touch and then accidentally mix in your design.

For my design, because the flowers were all separate, I could paint the flowers in my second colour straight away without worrying the paint would mix with my first colour. If I had wanted to paint the petals one colour and the centres a different colour, I would have needed to let the petals dry first before adding the centres.

Let this second layer dry completely.


second layer of watercolour paint on easter egg DIY card

Step six

Once your second layer is completely dry, carefully peel off the pieces of tape holding your template in place and gently lift off the template.


finished DIY watercolour Easter egg card tutorial project by Kerri Awosile

Step seven

Fold your piece of watercolour paper in half and… ta-da! Your very own DIY watercolour Easter egg card, ready to give to a loved one or brighten your own day.


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*Please Note

The free PDF download template is for personal use only. You are free to print the template as many times as you like for personal use only, and share with friends and family, but you may not sell (in whole or in part) any print-outs or digital copies of the template. You may not share, distribute, or sell (in whole or in part) any print-outs or digital copies of the template, for commercial gain. As with the rest of the Kerri Awosile website, this DIY Christmas decoration tutorial (and PDF download) is intended for UK residents and those over the age of 18. I may remove the template at any time and make no guarantee of availability. You may need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to access the file. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and see the relevant specifications needed for your device – please visit: