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Creative Spaces: The Stylish Office & Home Of Ceri Olofson (Candour & Polish)

desk, chair, lamp, lamptop, and artwork in Ceri Olofson's stylish office

“As you might be able to tell, interiors are totally my thing! I love the creativity that goes into layering things and finding your style.”


There may have been a longer delay than intended in sharing another Creative Space with you (finding the right spaces and fitting in with everyone’s timings has been a bit trickier than expected) but, I promise you, the wait is worth it. The next feature I have for you is so gorgeously classic yet contemporary, with touches of tactile comfort and a light but grounding sense of nature. Ceri Olofson, of Candour and Polish, is an incredible copywriter and brand message coach (you might remember her Creative Business feature last year), she’s also an avid lover of interior design. Her stylish office and home are so perfectly ‘her’, and I can’t wait to hear the story behind their creation…

stylish home of copywriter and brand message coach, Ceri Olofson

clean, contemporary, yet comforting home of Ceri Olofson

nature-inspired details in Candour and Polish's home



Where and what is your Creative Space?

My workspace is technically the tiniest room in my house in the West Sussex countryside, but I regularly spill out into other areas when I’m not doing work work – such as crafting at the dining table, catching up with Instagram in my favourite armchair, or painting in the spare room.

What does your Creative Space mean to you, and how does it make you feel?

It may be undeniably petite (I can touch 3 of the walls from my desk!) but my office does have a lovely south-facing window, which the light pours through and makes me feel a part of what’s going on outside – so much so that I actually had to move my desk to another wall to reduce the distraction! When I have serious thinking or writing to do, I love that I can close the door and be in my own little world, usually in total silence with a Diptyque candle burning to get me in the zone.

What is the story behind your Creative Space?

My office is the first room I’ve ever decorated exactly how I want to, without consulting or compromising with my other half. I love lots of different interior styles, so it was very difficult making decisions at first and I’m sure I’ll want to change things up at some point. The biggest surprise for me was that I chose a pearlescent wallpaper with a geological pattern made from tiny glass beads above the panelling – it’s so sparkly and I don’t do sparkle! But it makes me smile every day (and is still subtle enough to create the calm space I need to concentrate). The rest of the house is generally a mix of Scandi and mid-century style with lots of natural textures and neutral colours. As you might be able to tell, interiors are totally my thing! I love the creativity that goes into layering things and finding your style. We moved here from London a few years ago because we were over city living after a decade there. We’d also really been bitten by the renovation bug after doing up our flat in South East London, so we were looking for a house that needed some love. This house was the best we could find at the time in the village we loved (Hurstpierpoint) and there’s nothing but ancient beech trees and woodland behind the garden. I think this connection to nature is something I really wanted to be reflected in the interior of the house and so I’ve been gradually softening the more modern side of our style with natural materials.


stylish and personal details in Ceri Olofson's (Candour and Polish) office

close up of stylish office details

comforts in Ceri Olofson's home

stylish and nature-inspired details of Ceri Olofson's home



Is your Creative Space finished or does it continue to evolve?

An hour after getting the keys we were ripping out coving and carpets! We’ve been refurbishing everything entirely ourselves ever since, leaning on Youtube heavily to learn trade skills, filling our garage with an ever-expanding array of power tools, and just figuring it out as we go. Most recently we’ve been replacing the double glazing in our timber framed windows and rendering retaining walls we built in the garden! The spare room and utility room are the last spaces to be tackled, and I imagine we’ll be doing snagging jobs right up until the day we sell the place and move onto the next project. While there’s always lots going on, I’ve made sure that the downstairs feels finished and is a place to relax. There are designated zones where all the mess is dumped and then the door gets closed on it!

What is your favourite detail in your Creative Space, and why?

In my office, it’s probably the wallpaper because it felt so bold at the time to go for something shimmery, but now it actually feels quite tame! I also love all the artwork and trinkets which come to live with me because my fiancé doesn’t like them. It’s a little space for me to indulge in some of the quirkier items! I’d be remiss if I didn’t do a shoutout to my fluffy sidekick, Mishka, who mostly ignores me all day apart from when I’m on a Zoom that she decides she needs to be involved with.

If you could change one thing about your Creative Space, what would it be and why?

There’s not a lot I’d change about my office really, apart from maybe its location. It’s next to the front door which means I sometimes feel like the local parcel sorting office. I’ve always dreamed of a loft studio at the top of a rambling house where it’s super quiet and no one even knows you’re there. I’d also love to have more light generally throughout the house – all those trees outside make it quite gloomy a lot of the time and I think you can never have too much natural light, especially when you’re creative.

What advice would you give someone else trying to create a similar space?

I think having a space that feels really personal and reflective of your style helps get you into your creative zone. It might be that you like to feel cosy and cocooned, so dark walls and tactile fabrics would be the way to go, but if you find that you’re always chasing light, that might be too heavy for you. You’re going to be spending so much time in it, it’s definitely worth making the effort to turn your creative space into something you find visually really inspiring, so I say go all in on decorating it as nicely as you would any other room!


ceri olofson's cat, Mishka

nature-inspired details in Candour and Polish's owner's home

candle details of Candour and Polish's home


Do you have a Creative Space you want to share with others?

If you would like to submit your own Creative Space to be featured in the series (whether it’s your business workplace, home office, entire home, or even your beach hut) I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch if you think your space would bring joy to others.