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Creative Spaces: The Gorgeous Country Cottage Of Clare (@ourlittlechurchcottage)

Clare's Gorgeous Country Cottage Kitchen

“Everyone was so kind and welcoming and the village was full of rustic charm and we knew we’d found somewhere pretty special.”


For the next Creative Spaces feature I’m so pleased to share the gorgeous country cottage of Clare, better known on Instagram as ‘@ourlittlechurchcottage‘. With a beautiful balance of quaint features and modern styling, and soft pops of floral colour, Clare’s home feels so welcoming, cosy, and calm. I’m a particular fan of how she brings a creative touch to her interiors by making some decorative elements herself. It just adds to the personality and joy of the cottage. I can’t wait to find out more about the space, so let’s get started…


Clare's Georgian Red Brick Country Cottage



Where and what is your Creative Space?

Church Cottage is a grade II listed red brick Georgian cottage in South Worcestershire and it’s been our family home since September 2017.

What does your Creative Space mean to you, and how does it make you feel?

It’s our quintessentially English country cottage haven. It’s still a bit rough around the edges but we’re getting there. I’m not one of those people who moves into a house and within a couple of months have renovated it top to bottom, I like to take my time focusing on one room at a time. I like to think the cottage has a warm and cosy feeling – modern farmhouse is how I’d describe it.

What is the story behind your Creative Space?

When we first viewed the cottage it was far from love at first sight, it looked smaller than the estate agents photos (don’t they all!) and it was crammed with fixtures and fittings much more suited to a new-build. The walled garden was a completely different story, the sunset reflecting onto the church next-door was so enchanting and the pond covered in lily pads was the icing on the cake.

We decided to go back for a second viewing, met the neighbours and had a proper look around the village. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and the village was full of rustic charm and we knew we’d found somewhere pretty special.

We moved to the cottage in 2017 and whilst it’s far from being finished we’ve come along way. Over the years previous owners had stripped out a lot of the period features and made a lot of effort to turn it into a new build.

Our plan was to restore the cottage, injecting as much history back into it as possible, but still maintaining that modern farmhouse feel.

So far we’ve fully renovated the bathroom, living room, dining room and master bedroom and we’ve completed mini-makeovers on the cloakroom, and entrance hall. We’ve also converted the garage into an office (which has come in incredibly handy this year!) and will soon be adding a laundry room to it. 




Clare's Country Cottage Staircase with Dalmatian

Clare's Country Cottage Table with Flowers and Styling



Is your Creative Space finished or does it continue to evolve?

Oh it’s going to be ongoing forever I suspect, as with any older property, it’s a real labour of love. I’m not one of those people who redecorates their whole house as soon as they move in, don’t get me wrong, I admire those people very much for their ability to get things done, but it’s not my approach. I like to take my time and work on one room at a time.

I’ve got grand ideas for extending the kitchen in the future, and I’d love limestone flooring with underfloor heating throughout the downstairs one day, but there is plenty of time for that! 

What is your favourite detail in your Creative Space, and why?

I’d have to say the living room, it’s the one room that is completely finished and I was able to fully stamp my personality on it. It gets so much natural light in the day time and then transforms to a cosy hygge haven in the evenings.

If you could change one thing about your Creative Space, what would it be and why?

I’d love a bigger kitchen, it was the one sticking point when we were deciding whether or not to buy the house. Maybe we’ll extend one day!

What advice would you give someone else trying to create a similar space?

Don’t rush decisions. Get a feeling for the space before committing to expensive purchases that you may end up regretting.



Clare's Gorgeous Country Cottage Garden


Do you have a Creative Space you want to share with others?

If you would like to submit your own Creative Space to be featured in the series (whether it’s your business workplace, home office, entire home, or even your beach hut) I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch if you think your space would bring joy to others.