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Creative Business: Luxury Dining Specialist, Chido Plunkett Of DaChi’s Restaurant To You

Chido Plunkett of DaChi's Restaurant to You
Photography: Summers Photography

“Trust your instinct… you are destined for more, much much more.”


Next up in the Creative Business series, we’ve got the wonderful Chido Plunkett of DaChi’s Restaurant to You. As one half of a husband and wife team, Chido brings style and finesse to DaChi’s personal chef, private dining, and dinner party services. For a mouth-watering array of inspiration you can also find DaChi’s on Instagram – just be warned, it’s a dangerous browse if you’re feeling a bit peckish!

Before you head over and start salivating, let’s get to know the woman behind the creative business…

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means being able to express myself through my ideas and translating it into something physical that can be appreciated.

Have you always been creative?

Yes I have always loved doing things with my hands. I love to see something go from nothing to something spectacular. I get much satisfaction from seeing the transformation. I’ve always loved experimenting with different techniques and have always self taught.

What first got you interested in your field?

My love for not just good hospitality, but great hospitality. I have always been taught that people will always remember the way you make them feel. And it is so true, I love to be spoilt and love to spoil others. So when I married someone with the same passion for hospitality, our business was a no brainer! Our Business covers all 5 senses, sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. It’s all about the entire experience.


Chido Plunkett of DaChi's Restaturant To You styling the table
Photography: Summers Photography

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I always knew that I was destined for great things, which included working for myself. My late Grandfather and my Father are natural born entrepreneurs and they both have an incredible legacy. This inspired me to know that it is possible with some dedication, persistence and hard work. Please don’t get me wrong it was great working for others to gain skills and knowledge that I will always hold close but ultimately my creativity was limited as it was on other peoples terms. I believe in order for creativity to operate at it’s best, it needs freedom to go in any direction it wishes.

So when my husband expressed a desire to one day create a Restaurant to you experience, the stars were clearly aligned. A very talented Chef & Food, Beverage and Events manager combined DaChi’s Restaurant to You was born.

What is your favourite thing about your work?

I love the freedom of being able to express myself and delight others through my work. To hear and see their delight when they experience our creativity that is personalised to them is what keeps me going.

What is a ‘reality’ of your work that other people don’t realise?

The planning that goes into making our experiences truly personalised.

How do you handle creative ‘blocks’ in work?

I take a break, its the only way that creativity will flow again easily. Though I tend to work in blocks so that I don’t get overwhelmed and blocked up.

Do you have any other creative interests?

Oh too! Anything that involves a physical transformation. Baking, cooking, painting, upcycling, interior design just to name a few.

What one thing would you say to someone dreaming of starting their own creative business?

To absolutely go for it, don’t limit yourself in your fears. By not perusing your passion you are really doing a disservice to both yourself and the world. Trust your instinct… you are destined for more, much much more.


I love that Chido and her husband have interlinking creative interests that just called out to become a joint business. Whilst her husband is being creative in the kitchen, Chido creates the most inviting tables for clients’ guests to dine at. It’s also fascinating to find out entrepreneurship runs in Chido’s family, and see the belief that family history and experience has given her for what’s possible.

Now, this is the point when I usually share our feature’s self-portrait. I said at the start of this year I was going to be more strict with the definition and what qualifies as a self-portrait. The problem is, I don’t like being strict, and then lockdown happened which put an added pressure on people’s time and it didn’t feel fair to impose a rule on something I hope brings inspiration to others. I will start encouraging people to be more creative with their portraits again soon, but for now I’m just so grateful to each and every Creative Business (and the women behind them) wanting to be part of this series. 

Chido’s ‘self-portrait’ stretches the definition a little, although it does showcase her wonderful styling abilities – which is a big part of her, but I think we can let her off given she is about to go on maternity leave (good luck, Chido!).

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Table styling by DaChi's Restaurant To You with apples in a vase, greenery, and logs
Photography: Summers Photography