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What Should I Put In A Client Proposal? (Updated April 2021)

Client Proposal document design ideas for advice on what to include by Kerri Awosile creative services UK

So, you know your ideal client, you’ve got your branding and messaging sorted, you know what you’re offering, and the enquiries are coming in (or aren’t far away). Now you’ve got to knock each client’s socks off and win the contract, but how? Sending out a simple email response might work (in some scenarios) but an inspiring client proposal document, well… that could be the difference between an ‘I’ll think about it’ and ‘when can we begin?’!

What is a client proposal?

I think of client proposals as somewhere between a quote and a bespoke brochure. Sure, they still give the client the costs and details (as expected in a quote) but, instead of just presenting the client with a set of figures and information in a written email, proposals also visually present what you are offering in a way that makes the client fall in love with you and your work…at least that’s the plan.

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