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Apple Crumble Cake Recipe

Apple crumble cake slice by Kerri Awosile


If there was ever a cake to make me feel nostalgic, it’s Apple Crumble Cake. My grandad is a great baker and ever since I can remember he’s been making tasty treats. Now, more often than not, it’s his infamous ‘chuck-it-in cake’ (there is a recipe for it, but he thinks he originally just threw all the ingredients together and the name ‘chuck-it-in cake’ sort of stuck). However, when I was a child, he always used to make Apple Crumble Cake. It was, and still is, my favourite!

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Learning Cross Stitch – Part Two

Bee Happy cross stitch design by The Spinneyfield Stitchery on the Kerri Awosile blog


Well, I think it’s safe to say, this post is coming to you somewhat later than planned. I wrote the first part back in July (where did three months go?!) and I had every intention of writing this follow-up within a few weeks. Anyway… it’s for good reason I’ve taken my time, and I’ll explain all. So, let’s talk cross stitch, learning new creative skills, and making time for creativity.

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Cherry Madeira Cake Recipe – Including A Gluten Free Version

Cherry Madeira cakes by Kerri Awosile


Mmmm, cherry Madeira cake! I’m a little bit in love with cherries at the moment. We discovered frozen cherries in the supermarket a few weeks ago and I started adding them to our morning porridge (they make it taste great, and the colour is amazing). I’ve also been making compote for yoghurt, which is yummy, and we recently discovered a cherry and vanilla ice cream too. It’s really given me the taste for cherries. So, last weekend, I decided to dig out my recipe for cherry Madeira cake. It also just so happened to tie in with the first week of a certain TV baking show and, knowing how peckish the programme usually makes me, it wasn’t a bad thing having a tasty treat on hand whilst watching.

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Having Fun Writing A Single Vowel Poem

Kerri Awosile artist designer writing blog post at desk with flowers


It has been a couple of months since I last wrote a creative lifestyle post, and this one is quite different to any I’ve written before. I’ve been wanting to share a creative writing project for ages but couldn’t think of the right way in. Then, this morning, I saw another single vowel poem pop up on Instagram (having seen my first only a few weeks ago) and immediately got the urge to try writing my own. Thankfully, I’d already scheduled time to write a blog post this afternoon (I’ll write that idea another day), so I was able to have some guilt-free creative fun.

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Learning Cross Stitch – Part One

Cross Stitch Kit by The Spinneyfield Stitchery for Kerri Awosile Blog


Okay, so, I’m going to be honest. I had every intention of this just being a single post with my experience of trying a new creative project (a cross stitch kit), from start to finish. I was going to take you on the journey with me, from the blank material to the completed picture, in the hope it inspired you to try something different. Little did I know, learning cross stitch again, after nearly twenty years since last attempting it, would actually remind me what creating for joy is all about… and take me somewhat longer than expected! So, instead, I’m splitting the post into two and want to share a little insight into what I’ve learnt so far (spoiler – not just how to cross stitch!).

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A cheeky ‘cheat’ for making a hair-tie (or whatever they’re called!)

Kerri Awosile wearing hand made hair-tie from old top

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me mention the idea of making a hair-tie/scarf/thing the other day. Can someone please tell me what they’re actually called?! Well, yesterday, I decided to stop thinking about whether it would work or not, and just go for it.

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“Healthy” Oat Squares And Chocolate Brownies – Three Recipes

Healthy oat squares, healthy chocolate oat squares, and healthy vegan, wheat free, egg free, chocolate brownies by Kerri Awosile

If you saw my Instagram stories the other day, you may well have seen a little glimpse of these yummy bakes (well, two of them anyway). You answered, unanimously, you wanted the recipes so – your wish is my command! Today’s creative lifestyle project isn’t just two recipes, however, it’s actually three. The original “Healthy” Oat Squares, “Healthy” Chocolate Oat Squares, and “Healthy” Chocolate Brownies. I’ll explain all the inverted commas in a bit.

The reason? Well, though I have made the original “healthy” oat squares/bars many times before, this was the first time I had tried the recipe in chocolate and I’m not certain if I like it or not. I mean, I’m still eating them, but I don’t find myself reaching for more than one chocolate oat square at a time (the mark of something really delicious!). I like the flavour but, to me, the texture is odd with the chocolate taste. It doesn’t work together somehow. My mum, on the other hand, loves them – which is why I’m still sharing the recipe, in case it sounds like the sort of thing you’d enjoy. That little spark of promising flavour got me thinking, though. What if I could find the right texture to go with it? That’s when I came up with the third recipe, for “healthy” chocolate brownies… and oooh it’s good!

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Simple And Stylish Plant Pots, For Spring Inspired Creativity

creative project for spring creativity with painted plant pots by Kerri Awosile

Just a simple creative lifestyle blog post from me today, for two reasons. One, it’s not a how-to – it’s a ‘show and tell’ (do you remember those in primary school?), in the hope it inspires you to be creative yourself. Two, I’m purposefully taking it easy this week and not doing too much work. I’ve had some amazing projects lately, but that’s meant some long hours and extended working weeks – and I know I need to take some time out. When you love your work, it can be all too easy to forget to take much needed breaks. I’m listening to my body/mind and consciously balancing work with relaxation this week, and what better way to action that idea than some spring creativity, just for fun.

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake recipe for Creative Project blog by Kerri Awosile, UK - cake slice

With fun festivities just around the corner, I felt another urge to share a creative project with you. This time it’s the yummy type! Though I said goodbye to creating wedding cakes (my first business) at the beginning of this year [2019] – I still enjoy baking, and thought I would let you in on my own Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake recipe. It took me a couple of hours to make and bake, then a further hour or so to decorate the following day. Whether serving it for Christmas tea, a New Year’s Eve celebration, or even a winter birthday – it will hit the spot. It’s rich, indulgent, very celebratory…and ooh so naughty but nice! Let’s get started…

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‘The Stars Are Brightly Shining’ DIY Christmas Decoration Tutorial

The stars are brightly shining DIY Christmas decoration tutorial on Kerri Awosile's blog

My husband and I have been together nearly eleven years, but for some reason we haven’t accumulated many Christmas decorations. This is our second Christmas as a married couple, and I’ve decided it’s time we had some more Christmas bits to make our home feel festive. I will probably get tempted to buy things, but I also wanted to do something creative and make a decoration myself. I get to work with inspiring and creative women in my business, and on some amazing projects that bring me a lot of fulfilment…but sometimes it’s nice (important, even) to remind myself what it’s like to create something just for the sake of joy alone. So, today I want to share a little creative project I made this week. I’ve also created a tutorial, so you too can make a DIY Christmas decoration with hand-painted ‘the stars are brightly shining’ text.

It was quite simple to create, and I’ve even included a free download template* so you can paint the same text design yourself. After all, if I can live a more creative, light, and fulfilling life – then why can’t you?

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