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Creating your own branding materials in-house when you’re not a graphic designer, or don’t have the time to make things look pretty, can be tricky – to say the least. I know outsourcing your branding materials can feel daunting when you want to make the right impression with clients but, as a professional designer, my graphic design services can free you up to focus on the things you do best in your small business – the things you actually enjoy.

I offer a range of graphic design services and branding materials, to take your brand stationery, marketing, and PDFs to the next level.

Business Card & Stationery Design

Do you attend lots of networking events or workshops, or are you a product-based business regularly sending out packages? Do you use a business letterhead, thank you slips, or delivery notes? My business card and stationery design service offers you a creative and inspiring alternative to generic branding materials.

Business card /stationery design from £40 + printing and delivery (branding assets, i.e. logo, supplied by client)

Flyer & Postcard Design

Want to hand out a quick and impactful message at events or send an inspiring promotion with deliveries? Maybe you’re attending a trade or wedding fair and need information presented in a clean and stylish way; or you want to slip some uplifting postcards into your client welcome gifts.

Flyer / postcard design from £80 + printing and delivery

PDF Book, Guide, & Workbook Design

If you’ve spent time and effort writing a helpful freebie or passive income book, guide, or workbook, then you need a clean and creative PDF design to do your content justice. A gorgeous and stylish design can really elevate a PDF and make it something your audience just can’t go without. This is where, as a graphic designer, I can really help your small business stand out.

PDF book / guide / workbook design from £320 (12+ pages)

Mini PDF book / guide / workbook design from £80 (2-12 pages)

Graphic design and PDF branding materials example by UK designer Kerri Awosile

Brochure Design

Whether digital or printed, brochures can both inform and inspire your ideal clients. They can give more in-depth details of your incredible services or products, help your clients know you’re the right business for them, and save you time by answering some of the most common questions your clients ask before investing.

Brochure design from £320 (+ printing and delivery for hard-copy brochures)

Poster Design

Sometimes you just need to showcase your service, product, or promotion on a bigger scale. Posters are a great way to temporarily highlight something special in your shop, café, or workplace, or help your message get seen by the right people at an event.

Poster design from £80 + printing and delivery

Event Invitation Design

From launch parties to annual celebrations, my event invitation design service gives your guests an inspiring glimpse of the excitement to come. Make sure their first impression does your hard-work and planning justice, and get people talking before the event has even begun.

Event invitation design from £80 + printing and delivery

Gift Card Design

Gift cards are a wonderful way to show your thanks to loyal clients, encouraging them to come back for more, or entice new sales through referrals or promotions. You can send them out with product deliveries or even give them away in competitions.

Gift card design from £80 + printing and delivery

If you need a graphic designer to create gorgeous, clean, and on-brand branding materials for your inspiring small business, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me.

Eucalyptus line art
Testimonial from Janet Mactavish: “I admit that I was worried as some past design projects have not been a success. You inspired confidence in me... I confess, I was in tears when I saw the finished product, you managed to make all those thoughts in my head look so pretty. I am so proud of it.”
line art by Kerri Awosile