Creative Guidance / Brand Review Sessions


We all need a second opinion now and then, whether we want reassurance we’ve created something good (there can be a fine line between genius and underwhelming design) or a sounding board to bounce ideas off. However, those closest to us don’t always ‘get it’. They might not be self-employed, so don’t understand the responsibility and emotion involved, and they might not have an artist or designer’s eye to give guidance on the creative needs of small businesses.

It can also be really hard to get clarity or have an objective view about something we’ve poured our heart and soul into… our own brand.

My creative guidance and brand review sessions are like having me in your pocket. Okay, that sounded a bit weird, let me rephrase that… my creative guidance and brand review sessions, for small businesses, give you the support of me, a professional artist and designer, when you need it most.

Perhaps you’ve created some branding materials yourself but want a designer’s eye to look over them and suggest ways to make them better. Maybe you’re not ready to invest in branding design but need someone to help discover your brand personality so you can design something yourself, or it might be that you’re looking to introduce some artwork into your brand assets but don’t know which style would suit your business best.

If you’re looking for creative guidance, I’ll ask you some questions ahead of our conversation, so I can understand what you need and where I might be able to guide you. If you need a brand review, I’ll send you my in-depth brand questionnaire to fill in, which explores everything from your brand values to your brand personality. Then, during a phone or video call we’ll have a friendly chat to help you make the right creative decisions for you and your brand. Where appropriate, I’ll also follow up the call with some personalised notes – so you can confidently implement any advice I’ve given.

Creative guidance – 1 x up to 1-hour call: £50

Creative guidance – 2 x up to 1-hour calls: £90

Brand review – 1 x up to 1-hour call: £75

Brand review – 2 x up to 1-hour calls: £130

Need some advice or want to chat about your latest in-house business design, brand vision, or brand personality? Get in touch.

Eucalyptus line art
line art by Kerri Awosile