Bespoke Artwork & Illustrations title

There are so many ways to use bespoke artwork and illustrations within your brand. Whether you have a specific reason in mind or just want one or two elements to use as needed, bespoke artwork and illustrations are assets that can really give your branding, media, and materials a special touch.

Artwork & Illustration Elements

If you don’t have a definite purpose in mind just yet, or you simply want something unique to hand for whenever you need it, I can create single elements or a collection of artwork / illustration assets for your brand.

Digitised* artwork or illustration element from £40

Bespoke Wall Art

You’ve got the perfect branding for your inspiring business and a gorgeous shop, café, workspace, or studio to entice your ideal clients (whether in person or when watching your Instagram stories!), but something’s missing… you want to commission a piece, or two, of bespoke wall art to really tie everything together.

Original bespoke artwork from £120 + delivery

Bespoke artwork print from £100 + delivery

Product & Packaging Artwork

Nothing will help your product or packaging speak to your ideal clients more than bespoke product or packaging artwork. From stylish watercolour abstracts to beautiful hand-painted florals, on-brand product and packaging artwork can really make your ideas come alive.

Digitised* product / packaging artwork from £120

Shop & Venue Illustrations

Is your shop, café, workplace, or studio building, picture-perfect; or do you own a stunning wedding venue? My hand-painted watercolour shop and venue illustrations are the perfect way to celebrate your pride and joy. You can choose a digital version for your own promotional materials (or for couples to use on their wedding stationery), or an original or print to hang on your wall for everyone to enjoy.

Original illustration from £180 + delivery

Digitised* illustration from £180

Bespoke illustration print from £140 + delivery

Cafe shop watercolour illustration painting by Kerri Awosile

PDF Book Cover Artwork & Design

Whether you’re looking to create a helpful freebie for your audience or have a great idea for some passive income, creating a clean and creative cover design, with bespoke artwork, can give your PDF a stylish and inspiring feel from the start. Some may say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I say create a book cover worth judging!

PDF book cover artwork and design from £80

Podcast Cover Artwork & Design

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in the small business and entrepreneurial world. That means it’s a great opportunity to start something inspiring, but it also means you’ve got a lot of competition. One way to help your podcast catch your ideal client’s eye is to commission your own podcast cover artwork and design.

Podcast cover artwork and design from £80

Pattern Artwork & Design

From packaging to website backgrounds, and branding materials to wrapping paper, bespoke and stylish patterns are a creative way to bring more personality into your brand.

Digitised* pattern artwork and design from £100

Digitised* pattern design (using pre-created artwork) from £60

Bespoke Greeting Card Artwork & Design

Bespoke greeting cards, with on-brand artwork, are a lovely way to say thank you, congratulations, good luck, or even merry Christmas. You can send them as part of a welcome gift for clients who invest in your services, or keep your relationship going beyond a contract to encourage future sales.

Bespoke greeting card artwork and design from £80 + printing and delivery


If you would like to find out more about any of my bespoke artwork and illustrations, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch.


* Digitised artwork or illustrations are when the art gets scanned into a computer, edited, and refined, ready for you to use digitally or in print.

Eucalyptus line art
Testimonial from Inge Hunter: “...You have been an absolute dream to work with, completely understood my vision, and executed it perfectly thank you so much.”
line art by Kerri Awosile