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What Should I Put In A Client Proposal? (Updated April 2021)

Client Proposal document design ideas for advice on what to include by Kerri Awosile creative services UK

So, you know your ideal client, you’ve got your branding and messaging sorted, you know what you’re offering, and the enquiries are coming in (or aren’t far away). Now you’ve got to knock each client’s socks off and win the contract, but how? Sending out a simple email response might work (in some scenarios) but an inspiring client proposal document, well… that could be the difference between an ‘I’ll think about it’ and ‘when can we begin?’!

What is a client proposal?

I think of client proposals as somewhere between a quote and a bespoke brochure. Sure, they still give the client the costs and details (as expected in a quote) but, instead of just presenting the client with a set of figures and information in a written email, proposals also visually present what you are offering in a way that makes the client fall in love with you and your work…at least that’s the plan.

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Creative Business: Keepsake Maker, Rachel Leggett, of The Messy Stork

Rachel Leggett of The Messy Stork

“Do what you love that makes your heart glad and your face feel all smiley when you think about it.”

It’s time for the second installment of my Creative Business blog series and this week I’m featuring a business that is delightful and creative in equal measure: The Messy Stork. Rachel Leggett, the friendly face behind the brand, makes treasured keepsake creations from clothes. Rachel really inspires that sense of meaningful creativity and spreading some joy. Her clients range from mums who want keepsakes made from their babies’ first clothes to the bereaved wanting something special created from their loved ones clothing.

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Inspirational Quotes in Watercolour

I have too many passions to be put in one box PDF downloadable inspirational quote by Kerri Awosile in green and framed


Have you ever looked at a blank wall in your home or office and thought ‘you need some inspiration’? Well – that’s exactly what I did the other day. I was looking at the blank white walls of my studio/office and decided it would be nice to add some creativity and colour in the form of inspirational quotes. I quickly thought it would be a lovely project to cover in a blog post and then (quite excitedly) realised I could even add the finished designs to my shop as digital downloads so you can print them out and add some inspirational quotes to your own wall too!

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My Story As a Designer – Updated June 2020

Kerri Awosile creative wedding stationery and branding Designer UK

Sure – I still want designs to be pleasing to the eye but, more importantly, I also want them to make people feel good.

If you have read my previous post about my story as a watercolour and line artist, then you will already know I enjoy many creative pursuits  and I’m somewhat of a ‘multi-passionate’ (that term makes me cringe a little, but we’ll go with it for now!) There is, however, another area I also hold a passion for that deserves it own post, and that is: design. So, here is my story as a designer…

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My Story As a Watercolour and Line Artist – Updated June 2020

Kerri Awosile Watercolour Artist and Illustrator UK

How did I go from being so adamantly anti the ‘artist’ label to wholeheartedly embracing and proudly declaring myself a watercolour and line artist (amongst other things)?

If you have been following me for a little while then you will know I am, what some people would now term, ‘multi-passionate’. I’m yet to decide if I like that label or not! Throughout my life I have been creative and artistic – from hand-making cards to writing stories – and I decided as a child I would turn those talents and joys into a career. It’s only relatively recently (in the scheme of my life), however, that I discovered a love for watercolour painting and line art – so I thought it might be nice to share my story as a watercolour and line artist.

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Creative Business: Copywriter, Jen Feroze, of Jackdaw Editorial

Creative Copywriter Jen Feroze of Jackdaw Editorial by the coast in Leigh on Sea
Photography: The Woman And The Wolf

“…the joy and the calm that it sparks is the same, whether from dance, art, poetry, pottery or pastry!”

As I’ve mentioned a few times now (okay, many times) – I really want to inspire you and share a bit of joy. With that in mind I’ve decided to start a blog series all about ‘Creative Business’ and, more specifically, the people that make it happen. What better place to start than with the incredible wedding industry copywriter, and my good friend – Jen Feroze of Jackdaw Editorial.

Jen is a self confessed ‘word-nerd’ and what she doesn’t know about the English language pretty much isn’t worth knowing! As a creative copywriter she helps those in the wedding industry tell their story and really get their message across. I asked Jen a few questions so we can get to know her a bit better and find out her take on ‘Creative Business’.

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Easter Marshmallow Crispies

Kerri Awosile Easter Marshmallow Crispies Recipe Creative Mini Chocolate Eggs Blueberries White Pink Fun Family Child Friendly Baking Easy Squares

These Easter Marshmallow Crispies were so incredibly easy to make. They were also incredibly sticky to make, but easy non the less! There are just six items for the shopping list (five if you just want one variety), and you can mix up a batch within minutes.


I want this blog space to be somewhere inspiring, full of interesting articles and fun posts. For that reason I plan on regularly sharing creative projects with you. Some will be step by steps that you can follow, while others might be a more general overview of a project I’ve created with the hope it inspires you to do something creative too.

With Easter celebrations just a couple of days away I thought it was a great excuse to start with an edible creative project, and to make it even more fun I chose a recipe my little niece and mum could help with too. Three generations all together.

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Creative services and products for the inspired and inspiring – Updated June 2020

Kerri Awosile Creative Services and Products for the Inspired and Inspiring

What if I could inspire others to live a more creative, light , and fulfilling life? What if I could bring a little touch of joy to someone else’s day, or help a fellow entrepreneur create the impression they long to give in their business and inspire their clients?

I want to take a moment to give you a bit more insight into my story and why I created my business.

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