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DIY Watercolour Easter Egg Card

DIY Watercolour Easter Egg Card by UK artist Kerri Awosile


If you’re looking for a simple but effective Easter craft to give yourself some seasonal creative joy, or perhaps even an activity to entertain the kids on Good Friday, this DIY watercolour Easter egg card might be just what you’re looking for. It’s really easy, can be adapted to your favourite colours and pattern, and creates a lovely card you can give to a friend or family member this Easter.

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Painting For Joy, Not For Perfection

Colourful watercolour leaf exercise for painting for joy, by Kerri Awosile


If there is one thing that will make the joy of painting disappear, it’s aiming for perfection. In fact, that’s true of any creative activity. Of course, there are times as a professional artist when I need to be conscious of how something looks at the end (clients don’t pay me to create something that looks bad!) but, when you’re wanting to get something from painting – whether that’s enjoyment or relaxation – letting go of the end result can be a big release. So, with that in mind, here’s a little watercolour painting exercise you can do for joy, not for perfection…

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Creative Spaces: The Gorgeous Country Cottage Of Clare (@ourlittlechurchcottage)

Clare's Gorgeous Country Cottage Kitchen

“Everyone was so kind and welcoming and the village was full of rustic charm and we knew we’d found somewhere pretty special.”


For the next Creative Spaces feature I’m so pleased to share the gorgeous country cottage of Clare, better known on Instagram as ‘@ourlittlechurchcottage‘. With a beautiful balance of quaint features and modern styling, and soft pops of floral colour, Clare’s home feels so welcoming, cosy, and calm. I’m a particular fan of how she brings a creative touch to her interiors by making some decorative elements herself. It just adds to the personality and joy of the cottage. I can’t wait to find out more about the space, so let’s get started…

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Creative Spaces: The Stylish Office & Home Of Ceri Olofson (Candour & Polish)

desk, chair, lamp, lamptop, and artwork in Ceri Olofson's stylish office

“As you might be able to tell, interiors are totally my thing! I love the creativity that goes into layering things and finding your style.”


There may have been a longer delay than intended in sharing another Creative Space with you (finding the right spaces and fitting in with everyone’s timings has been a bit trickier than expected) but, I promise you, the wait is worth it. The next feature I have for you is so gorgeously classic yet contemporary, with touches of tactile comfort and a light but grounding sense of nature. Ceri Olofson, of Candour and Polish, is an incredible copywriter and brand message coach (you might remember her Creative Business feature last year), she’s also an avid lover of interior design. Her stylish office and home are so perfectly ‘her’, and I can’t wait to hear the story behind their creation…

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Apple Crumble Cake Recipe

Apple crumble cake slice by Kerri Awosile


If there was ever a cake to make me feel nostalgic, it’s Apple Crumble Cake. My grandad is a great baker and ever since I can remember he’s been making tasty treats. Now, more often than not, it’s his infamous ‘chuck-it-in cake’ (there is a recipe for it, but he thinks he originally just threw all the ingredients together and the name ‘chuck-it-in cake’ sort of stuck). However, when I was a child, he always used to make Apple Crumble Cake. It was, and still is, my favourite!

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Learning Cross Stitch – Part Two

Bee Happy cross stitch design by The Spinneyfield Stitchery on the Kerri Awosile blog


Well, I think it’s safe to say, this post is coming to you somewhat later than planned. I wrote the first part back in July (where did three months go?!) and I had every intention of writing this follow-up within a few weeks. Anyway… it’s for good reason I’ve taken my time, and I’ll explain all. So, let’s talk cross stitch, learning new creative skills, and making time for creativity.

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Cherry Madeira Cake Recipe – Including A Gluten Free Version

Cherry Madeira cakes by Kerri Awosile


Mmmm, cherry Madeira cake! I’m a little bit in love with cherries at the moment. We discovered frozen cherries in the supermarket a few weeks ago and I started adding them to our morning porridge (they make it taste great, and the colour is amazing). I’ve also been making compote for yoghurt, which is yummy, and we recently discovered a cherry and vanilla ice cream too. It’s really given me the taste for cherries. So, last weekend, I decided to dig out my recipe for cherry Madeira cake. It also just so happened to tie in with the first week of a certain TV baking show and, knowing how peckish the programme usually makes me, it wasn’t a bad thing having a tasty treat on hand whilst watching.

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Having Fun Writing A Single Vowel Poem

Kerri Awosile artist designer writing blog post at desk with flowers


It has been a couple of months since I last wrote a creative lifestyle post, and this one is quite different to any I’ve written before. I’ve been wanting to share a creative writing project for ages but couldn’t think of the right way in. Then, this morning, I saw another single vowel poem pop up on Instagram (having seen my first only a few weeks ago) and immediately got the urge to try writing my own. Thankfully, I’d already scheduled time to write a blog post this afternoon (I’ll write that idea another day), so I was able to have some guilt-free creative fun.

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Creative Spaces: The Beautiful Garden of Hazel Shaw (Eden Blooms Florist)

Beautiful Garden of Hazel Shaw, owner Eden Blooms Florist

“As the years have gone by its moved from being a decorative garden to a productive cutting garden full of herbs, annuals, roses, dahlias and peonies which we use for our wedding work.”


I am giddy with excitement as I write this post. It’s the first in a brand new series called ‘Creative Spaces‘… a series I hope is going to really inspire and interest you. It’s certainly brought me joy already, just putting it together!  From small business studios to home interiors and from the literal (i.e. a space where creative magic happens) to the lateral (a space where lots of love has gone into its creation) – the Creative Spaces series is going to explore some wonderful, gorgeous, and imaginative spaces, and the stories behind them.  

To start things off, I’m bringing you a breath of fresh air with the beautiful garden of Hazel Shaw (owner of Eden Blooms Florist). I follow Eden Blooms on Instagram and, throughout lockdown, Hazel has been sharing stories and images of her stunning garden. As someone who doesn’t have a garden, it has been a wonderful escape for me and I’ve looked forward to seeing that little coloured circle appear around her Instagram profile icon – signalling more inspiration and peaceful imagery might be just a tap away.

Without further ado, let’s discover more about Hazel’s garden (prepare to feel a sense of content calm wash over you)

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