Bespoke Art

Abstract Watercolour and Gold painting by Kerri Awosile with paint palette on desk

Whether you want to commission a bespoke piece of art to give creativity to a friend or simply want to bring a bit of joy and inspiration to your own home, my bespoke art service offers you something special. 

Off-the-shelf art prints are lovely, but sometimes you want something completely unique, something no one else has… a bespoke watercolour painting or piece of line-art created just for you. 

Perhaps you like a painting you’ve seen in my shop but want it in a different colour to fit your interior’s style. Maybe there is a particular flower or subject you’d like me to draw; or you might not even have any ideas yet, you just know for sure you want a bespoke piece of art. 

I don’t take on many bespoke art commissions in a year, and the project has to be both a good fit for my style and techniques and a concept that fills me with joy… as that’s when my watercolour paintings and line-art really come to life. 

If you would like to commission your own piece of art, for your home or to give as a gift, simply get in touch and we can talk through your ideas. 

Each bespoke art commission is unique and therefore each quote is unique but, as a rough guide, my original watercolours start from £90 + delivery, and my bespoke line-art starts from £60 + delivery.