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A cheeky ‘cheat’ for making a hair-tie (or whatever they’re called!)

Kerri Awosile wearing hand made hair-tie from old top

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me mention the idea of making a hair-tie/scarf/thing the other day. Can someone please tell me what they’re actually called?! Well, yesterday, I decided to stop thinking about whether it would work or not, and just go for it.

This is hardly a ‘how to’ creative project or tutorial, because it was so simple. In fact, it feels more like a ‘cheat’ really. I knew I had some old clothes at the top of the wardrobe. Items that I no longer wear but, for some reason, decided to keep. I can understand my thinking for some, but others – such as a pair of skimpy denim hot pants from eleven years ago… why? So, I rummaged through the pile and found a material I like.

stripy grey turtleneck top for creative project

This stripy grey turtleneck is a decade old. It’s fared pretty well, given how much I loved wearing it (it was the perfect winter staple for layering under things), but with each wash it got shorter and shorter in the body – to the point it was no longer comfortable to wear. Anyway, I still really like the material and it seemed like as good a piece as any to attempt making a hair-tie.

I don’t have access to a sewing machine at home and my hand-sewing skills are okay but quite slow, so I quickly made the decision to minimize the number of raw edges and utilize the sleeves. After a quick test of length (by wrapping the entire top around my head!) I realised the easiest way forward was to simply cut across the width of the top, creating one long strip.

stripy grey turtleneck top cut into hair-tie

To my surprise, the edges didn’t start fraying. The material is a soft kind of jersey style, with stretch. My eyes widened with delight. Could I get away without sewing it at all? I sat for a moment, debating if I was being ridiculously scandalous, and then thought ‘screw it – I can always sew it down the line if it starts to unravel’!

I took my long-sleeved crop-top come hair-tie to the mirror, wrapped it around my head a couple of times, tied it on top, and tucked in the ends. Ha! It worked… well, for a few seconds, and then it pinged off! I remembered a tip from someone on Instagram, so gave it another try but this time using hairpins to secure it.

I’m quiet happy with the finished result. It still has a habit of sliding backwards, even with the grips (so any other tips for keeping it in place would be much appreciated) – but, overall, I’m pretty chuffed with my cheeky ‘cheat’ for making a hair-tie.

Kerri Awosile wearing DIY hair-tie